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Related article: Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 23:14:55 +0000 From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 51"Adventures of Tray and Jay 51"PART 51: ARROYO BOYI had my John boy on one arm and my camera on the other, see, and it was cool. Just thinking of John when he's not there makes me warm inside, and there he was, his firm young side pressed close to me and his hand in mine. I mean, I was getting hot enough to roast marshmallows! We were totally alone in a nice, undeveloped part of town with dirt footpaths, so I stopped and pulled my dude into me and laid one on him, but soft and sweet, nothing nasty. We just stood there together, eyes closed, smooching gently, tasting each other, sniffing like we do, me knowing I wasn't the only one with a big bone all of a sudden. Of course, John knew the same thing! I had to laugh a little at that, but my boy only held on tighter, his soft hands going more urgent on the back of my head, and we felt each other's cocks going at it down below. I damn near took him right then and there.But John's mouth slid off mine wetly. His face nuzzled into my neck. His hands moved down my back and settled happily in the small of it, the sensitive place. I felt my ass pucker, and that's when John chuckled the bad boy way he knows so well. He is a bad boy, see. Don't let the face fool you. Still he held on, and it was way cool with me. I took the opportunity to rub my nose in his short, shiny, blond hair. Man, it smells nice! My legs buckled, I guess, because John really grabbed me tight and I thought we were dancing a second. Really. I liked it a lot. Okay, so then we kissed some more and cleared our throats and got back on our way, dicks stiff and drippy in our pants, but so what.We came to an arroyo named after some dead councilman, right out there in the middle of nowhere. I smirked and pointed at the sign with the arroyo's name and..."I wonder what he did to deserve this," is all I could think to say, but John boy gave me one of his sweetest boy grins, see, with rosy dimples and all. Oh, my God. I licked my lips watching him, and he blushed! After all this time together, I can still make the dude go red in the face. Cool. We were stopped in the middle of the path over the arroyo. I stretched and caught some movement out the corner of an eye and looked, and there, in the arroyo itself, not ten yards off, was some kid taking a piss!I moved to the rail and raised my camera reflexively, see, and had him in my sights like that. His back was to us, but he was about 14. Fuzzy, red hair cropped on the sides and longer and bristly on top. He had a tank top and real faded old khaki surplus pants hanging low on his hips. His skateboard was on its side nearby. Then his head tilted back in pleasure, and I saw his smooth, pale young face, and the grin on it, mouth open in satisfaction. The kid's back arched and made his body turn a little toward us, and there was his soft but long skater cock in his hands. I liked how he didn't have to open his khakis to get it out, he just had it whipped out over the top button through his rumpled Boxers. And, man, the piss was coming on strong still!The kid started twirling his dick around so the bright yellow piss made circles on the cement around the flood that was already there, some of it splattered all over his sneakers. My finger lost control and snapped off a shot."Ohmygod," John tried not to laugh.The kid's head turned slowly toward us, and through the camera I watched as he processed the picture in his mind: two guys staring at him while he peed in the arroyo, one of them actually taking pictures! But after squinting a little and pursing his small, red lips, he swallowed softly and grinned! And his head even tilted back fast in greeting...but the best part was when he turned a little more and let us watch him shake it off! All boys are flirts."Fuck!" John breathed hard."Uh-huh!" I agreed but snapped another pic fast, before the kid could change his mind or something. I got it all right there, see. I only looked away a second, but then the kid had stowed everything back in his pants and was on the board again, going back and forth across the curved arroyo. John and I were happy to watch. After a few minutes the boy was sweating. Once he fell and rolled, and John and I both felt our nuts tighten, but it was nothing to the kid. He got to his feet happily, a funny little grin on his face, and hiked up his loose pants.Then, for us or whatever, I don't know, he reached down inside those pants, under the Boxers even, and gave himself a good, rough scratch in the patch. I looked at John, who was flushed with excitement, and wrapped an arm around him to pull him closer so I could kiss him again, and the dude was mine. We got lost there a few seconds, and when we looked back the boy in the arroyo was stopped, his skateboard standing up from the ground and held in one hand, his other casually on his hip. His mouth was wide open, head tilted sideways, and the cute little smile on his face was classic! It's like he was thinking, cool, I always heard about guys like that but never saw any! Then he went back to skating.Well, hell, we watched as long as I could take it. Then I put some fingers in my mouth and whistled nice and loud to get the kid's attention, and he almost fell! He looked at us and waved, and I waved back, but then my wave curled into a gesture for him to come here. I don't know what I was thinking, but John made a disgusted sound and punched me gently in the side. I didn't see John dragging me off, though, did I? No, sir. Anyway, the skater boy came trotting along, then slower up the embankment onto the footpath, and he stopped there in front of us. He was flushed, too, with sweat all over his face and arms and neck, and his chest was heaving a little under the sticky, sweat-stained tank top. I don't know if he knew what he did to me right then when he tugged at his crotch, which was actually right under his exposed underpants and the almost-torn-off button of his khakis. He had beautiful, damp, downy red tufts of hair on his lower belly! Yeah, fuck me!"Hey," he Naked Lolitas panted and swallowed hard, catching his breath. "I like it out here. Usually I'm alone, and it's nice.""Come on, Tray, let's go," John said, and the kid looked surprised."No, uh...OH! Sorry! I didn't mean it that way, I just meant...usually. You know. I'm not a loner or nothing." He stopped, and I was about to introduce myself, but: "You're Tray, I know," the kid went on, reaching out to shake my hand! I took his wet hand in my dry one and held on a little tight, I guess, but fuck it. He went a little nervous. His mouth dropped. "I'm...Landon.""Cool," I actually said. I swear the poor kid knew every filthy thought in my perverted head just then! "This is my lover, John." They shook hands, faster. John boy was beside himself."Cool," Landon grinned. "So...have you always been gay?""More or less," I said.Landon nodded his head, real friendly. "I've never had sex." John looked at me, agape, and Landon laughed. "No, I mean...God, I'm so stupid sometimes. I didn't mean nothing. know...I know I'm straight, but I never actually did it with a girl or anyone. Like you knew before you did it with other guys. Right?""Right," John and I blurted together, but I had to know something so I asked, "How can you be so friendly and open and cute as hell and not get laid? With a girl, I mean?"Landon was incredulous. "Are you kidding? You know how girls are! Right?""We've heard," John said smoothly."Ohhhhhh," Landon nodded, thoughtful."My little bro bats both ways," I added, and THAT blew Landon's mind!"Really," is all Naked Lolitas the kid got out. He licked his lips slowly.There was this cool silence for a while, until Landon looked at the ground and turned his eyes up at us, like he had a secret and wanted to tell. "Follow me, dudes," he said, turning and making his way back down into the arroyo. John and I Naked Lolitas looked at each other and raised our eyebrows, and then we were right behind Landon.It must have been a half-mile down the arroyo when Landon slowed and squinted, but not from the sun. His little lips twisted in worry about something, but then they spread out in decision. He shrugged, and his eyes sparkled. "Over here," he grinned and climbed up the concrete wall to the edge of the woods. I couldn't see past the trees and stuff, but Landon bent and cleared a path with his hands and body, and hell, John and I just followed.We came to a small clearing with no paths visible, but it was nice. The sun came down indirectly, through layers of branches and leaves, and the ground was dirt but not dirty. Does that make sense? Anyway, Landon held out his arms and turned to show it to us, a funny look on his cute, young face."This is my place," he said simply. "Where I come to be alone sometimes. No one else has ever seen it.""It's beautiful," John whispered."What do you do here?" I wanted to know."Nothing much, mostly think, kick back, whatever," Landon said, only, his eyes went down on the whatever part. "Sometimes I...I think about...girls...but I wouldn't ever bring one here.""Why's that?" John asked gently, that sweet boy way he has. Landon looked him right in the eye and said matter-of-factly..."No girl would understand what it means to me.""Yeah," I nodded. I stripped off my shirt and wrapped it around my waist, tucking it in my jeans. Landon's eyes flicked up and down my naked chest, then he cleared his throat and looked away."What's it like?" Landon asked suddenly, embarrassed."What?" I wondered."You" Landon was studying the ground."Welllllll," I started, "it's better than a wet dream, if you've ever had one of those."He looked up fast, excited. "Yeah, I thought so!" he said triumphantly, as if it was how he always thought it would be."But you can't really know how much better..." John began, and I finished..."Unless you go for it."That's when I lost control, see. I'm sorry, but hearing myself say those words, go for it, I just had to! I took a step closer to Landon, who watched me innocently, totally clueless what was about to go down, and slipped a hand up under his tank top to stroke his smooth skater chest. Landon gasped once and tensed, and I felt his entire body shiver at first contact. As my hand moved into his dripping wet armpit, the kid sucked in a breath of pleasure, his eyelids drooping and his tongue coming out between his tight little lips and making them shine with his spit.John joined me from behind Landon, wrapping one arm around the kid's waist and firmly squeezing the hot teenage dude's ass with the other!"Oh, man, oh, man, that's nice!" Landon sighed. His mouth stayed open and went wide in ecstasy. I pulled his tank top off over his head, and his eyes opened and looked at me, half-scared, half-grateful."I know," is all I could say, and he swallowed and sighed again. The poor boy's khakis trapped a long, hard bulge across his thigh, and at the end of it was a big, dark, wet stain. His legs were spread for balance, but even so, when I grabbed him between the legs and played with those hot, pent-up, virgin balls, Landon sagged into John's arms and moaned deeply! Fuck, yeah! That's what I like to hear!I tore open the dude's pants and pushed them roughly down to his ankles, and his Boxers were soaked all the way up from where his cock would normally hang loose to where it now stood tall and proud, flapping feverishly against his underpants. I bent and licked one of his perky nipples, and the way his whole body spazzed like I'd shocked him made my own dick throb and gush sticky stuff out into the inside of my own pants!I continued to torture Landon that way, my tongue on his bare chest, licking and Naked Lolitas sucking his nipples and making his skin drippy wet all over, biting him sometimes, slurping, my God, whatever my twisted fag head wanted! John pushed Landon's arms up so his pits were slick and prone for me, and I took them all the way nasty! I licked and sniffed and tried to eat the suckers, and Landon writhed in my lover's arms, moaning, groaning, gasping, panting, and finally screaming in joy!"Take off all your clothes," I directed the kid, and he staggered when John let go but blinked and did as I said. John and I were naked before Landon dropped his second sock on the ground and stood there in his adolescent splendor, waiting for us to show him what was next. "Get ready, kid," I said huskily, "because no one's gonna be there to catch you if you fall."I grabbed John boy and pulled him into me, and we stood there a minute entwined and sucked face as I assume Landon watched. Finally I knelt and pulled John with me, and together we grabbed Landon by his ass cheeks and tugged him close to us. I smiled to John and cocked my head toward Landon's privates, which jumped in anticipation of the thrills to come! A stream of clear boy stuff gushed out of Landon's cock head, and I pushed John's face toward it.John needed no more prodding. His tongue flicked out and caught the stud juice, sucking it all up and then teasing the flared red head of Landon's prick so that the kid really damn near fell on his ass! Naturally I needed a taste, so I buried my nose in the dude's nuts and sniffed in his funky, youthful male scent, all sweaty and salty and bursting with cum and testosterone!"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!" Landon cut loose, hoarse and throaty. Then, more clearly, "Uhgod I'm gonna...!!!!""Drink it, John!" I shouted deliriously, and John went down on Landon for real, just in time, because I stood up fast to press my cock into the dude's butt crack and hold on while his body coiled and tensed to the snapping point and then held that way for five seconds before I felt a flood of inner heat explode out of him, and he shook and throbbed everywhere, and I heard John choking and coughing, and then it came out:The long, totally manly, lustful growl of first release, that sound a man only makes once in his life, the one that leaves him completely wracked and sobbing for air and so dazed that he's not sure he's awake or conscious or whatever, but so the fuck what, let it go on forever! Landon's orgasm went on and on, and John sucked it all down, his own throat vibrating around the big meat stuffed into it, still coughing from the twitching thing it was still satisfying!When John stood up, his legs were shaky, his eyes glassy, but the cutest, sexiest little spunk-dripping smile covered his cocksucker mouth! I licked the creamy mess off his mouth and kissed him full on, and he coughed again, only, that time I tasted more of Landon's load! Damn, it was good!"I'll do anything you want," I heard Landon whisper. "I don't care if it means I'm gay, too, I'll...""It Naked Lolitas doesn't," I assured him, and with that Landon's eyes drooped again and he hit his knees. He had my pants open and my pecker out before I knew it, and..."JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST!" I grunted because his bottom lip slammed into my nut sac and his top lip tickled my pubes and the breath from his nose riled my tender belly since that's the only way he could breathe with my pecker down his throat! The part that made me real dizzy was the sound of determined cocksucking, Landon's pure desire to satisfy another dude because it was only fair, right?When I saw John's face appear next to Landon's, both of them on their knees before me, I just about blew the big wad but held on to it tight. Sort of. Really I have no idea how I didn't squirt. John put his fingers around my cock and moved them softly with the steady rhythm of Landon's lips, which were drooling all over the place and dripping streams of spit down to the dirt, and some on both boys' knees. But when my lover boy opened his eyes and watched Landon's intentness a few seconds and grinned Naked Lolitas gently before leaning closer to the skater kid and licking some sweat off his fevered cheek, well, fuck it, I barely had time to croak before it blew..."COMIN! UHHHHHH!"I almost passed out as the flood started, and I felt Landon's fingernails dig into my butt and heard him choking on the shaking thing that he forced down his throat for the whole wild harvest of my seed! He couldn't breathe but didn't care! I was aware of every twitching spray of my sperm into the kid, partly because of the way his fingernails kept pace in the skin of my rear end.My eyes opened but saw nothing but light at first, then I looked down and noticed my sweat dripping onto two upturned faces, only Landon's mouth was still around the inflamed head of my penis so just his eyes sought my approval, and I saw his nose had made a mess of his face and my pubes but it simply made me throb harder!They both stood up and swayed so I took them in my arms. We stood there a moment that way, overwhelmed and shaking and radiating intense heat, and all of us were still rock hard. I easily worked John's pants open and slid my hand under his Jockeys and loved the slickness of his excitement. It was still oozing out. There was a tree nearby, and I knelt between my man and the tree and pulled down his pants and got a whiff of his overworked aroma.Well, fuck, I started sucking, and John stumbled a step but was caught and steadied fast by Landon's firm boyhood behind him. John's breathing quickened. I knew he was about to explode into me, but still the force of it startled me! If his dick hadn't been in my mouth, the first volley of jiz he cut loose would have flown ten feet easy! It went on and on, only, John never made a sound, he just went steely all over and bucked his hips toward me and let it all fly. The sweetness of John boy's cum never ceases to amaze me, and I drank it down hoping there'd be no end.I stood fast and kissed Landon without warning, full-on and wet and nasty so he got some of my lover's seed to taste with my spit, and when I Naked Lolitas finally let the poor kid go he had this totally shocked, wide-eyed gape going that was classic!"Oh!" is all he said, though, until John turned just his head, because he was still in the skater dude's arms, and let the boy have a gentler, breathless, post-blowjob lip action thing, I don't know how to describe it, see, but it was sweet and sexy as all hell. I was still up for more.Landon's prick is as long as mine but thinner and flared wide at the head. The three of us eased apart slowly and stood in a circle stroking ourselves and gazing lustfully at the variety of young male sexually stimulated bodies we have! Nobody's erection was going anywhere! I noticed Landon's eyes kept flicking to John's and my butts, only secret like so when I'd bust him he'd lick his lips or something and look away. Finally I grinned and shook my head and turned and bent over to give the kid a good look, which he took. His hand quickened its jacking of his hot boy dick so I turned toward him and waited for him to put it in my mouth. He was too damn horny not to! The taste was something else.Landon was groaning when I heard someone hawk spit and stuff up from his throat, and the next thing I knew John's bad boy was shoved all the way up my butt!"OW!" I said, pulling off Landon's cock a second, but it was my fault. I taught him, see."Oh, yeah, John, fuck him!" Landon moaned. "Fuck his ass! OHHHH! That's too wild! Buttfuck him, man! Oh, yeah, Tray, you like it up the butt, don't you? Huh? What'd you say?""Uuughyeah!""Yeahhhhh! Fuck, John, you look so cool putting it to another dude! I never really thought about it but this is too wild! OH! OH! OH NO! UHHHHHHH!"Cream sprayed all over my face so I collected my wits and swallowed his cock again to drain the rest, and I knew the feel of my man's dick swelling and fixing to pop up my guts."Go, John boy, go! Gimme your nut juice, boy! OH YEESSSSSSS!"Because John popped his balls then and I felt it good, throb after throb of studliness inside me . John was slowing, then pulling out, so I tugged on his hips til he came to my face and gave it to me to clean off for him because that's how I like it when he fucks me, only, someone else was knocking at my back door already! Landon shoved me hard so my hands landed on the big tree and..."Join your lover, John, and hurry," Landon barked. John bent beside me and grinned evilly, until there was this loud spitting sound and then all I saw was John's face turn deep red and break out in outraged sweat, and I cracked up! Landon fucked my boy and fingered my wet, spunk-dripping hole at the same time! Man, the skater dude was really pounding John's..."AI!" I mean MY ass! That 14-year-old prick went from John's insides to mine so fast I never even heard a PLOOP sound! But damn, the kid had talent! I was moaning and groaning like any red-blooded fag with a hot skater cock up his butt! Then the dick was out of me again, only he started slapping my butt harder than fuck! God, I liked that! "Okay, yeah, boy, slap me, slap me harder, slap me rough and wild!"SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP!Oh, my God! It hurt so bad I was ready to scream!"Oh damn I wanna come in both of you dudes but I can't so what am I gonna do?" Landon begged us."Pick a hole and fire!" I ordered him, and the next instant his cock was planted all the way in me again and his hands held my hips firmly and somehow John was in front of me and silently begging me to do it to him, too, so I did it! I rammed my pecker up his chute, both of us bent over as we were and me getting balled by this outrageously horny adolescent skateboarder!"Don't stop, kid, please!" I beseeched the sexy redheaded dude behind me."Oh, don't say that, Tray, you're gonna make me! OH, MAN, AGAIN!"Landon's nuts were glued sticky-funky-nasty wet to my cheeks as his big boner bounced in the tight shaft of my manhood and twitched at least ten times! That's adolescence for you! God! I heard him gasping for air and spraying spit from a clenched mouth, and the sounds around me and the feelings inside me and the smells of Landon and my lover John brought my nuts to a boil again.Barely in time, I grabbed John's slick dick in one strong hand Naked Lolitas and spewed my seed in him as I jerked his load out of him and onto the tree trunk and his feet and legs, and all three of us simply howled our asses off! After a minute of coming together and howling like crazy guys we all got hoarse and quieted down.Our breathing was ragged, all of us shiny with sweat, spit hanging carelessly from Landon's lips as we parted carefully, and I looked into Landon's relaxed, satisfied, virile eyes. He sighed deeply and with his upper teeth cleaned the spittle from his mouth, and suddenly I wasn't so satisfied!I mean, see, I wanted more."It's Friday, I know you don't have a job, you're spending the night," I decided for him."Oh, yeah, right," Landon said bleary-eyed, then: "Hey, where's that little bro you were talking about?"
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